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29 May 2009 @ 06:32 pm

Check out my baby's pics on Flickr:


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29 May 2009 @ 12:49 pm
I will post pics soon...my camera's battery died. I will say that she's more beautiful that any Unoa I've seen *is biased* but sooooooo big. If that's an MSD, how freaking huge is an SD!! Anyway I'm so happy I could cry!!! I put her eyes in but they're a little wonky because I had to use tape since my putty didn't arrive yet. She's strung really loose too, either that or I just haven't gotten used to posing her...I love love love love love her to pieces!
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29 May 2009 @ 09:10 am
Name: Quinn
Type: Unoa L-bi 1.5 Hybrid
Age: 16 (posthumous)
Hair: Short Black Bob
Eyes: Emerald Green
Mods: Stitches across her chest, and more around her wrists. A Gash somewhere on her head.
Favorite things: Ballet, Can Can dancing, Tightrope Walking, drinking absinthe, rouge, anything Parisian, her lace parasol
Skills: Light on her feet, flexible, can climb to extraordinary heights, thrall, knife thrower
Favorite colors: Pastel pink and blue, black & white stripes
Style: Victorian/Circus and performance wear, steampunk goth, paris chic
Status: Living Dead Girl
Favorite Outfit: White Bodice with pearls, frilly tulle skirt, silk stockings, and white ballet slippers
Personality: Vain, contrary, capricious, flirtatious, sly, manipulative, stubborn, sweet and spicy, decadent, seductive, hot headed
History: Quinn was born to a family circus troupe, and through the years she learned to be adept at the trapeze, can can dancing, ballet , and her favorite of all tight rope walking. Her dream was to preform her tight rope act in Paris, and to meet a handsome Parisian Heir to marry. Both of these dreams were cut short when she fell one day while performing a routine on the tight rope. Sadly she died, but something strange occured after she was left in her tomb. Suddenly one moonless night, she rose back to life. Alone, frightened, and confused she wandered through the cemetery looking for anyone to come to her aid. To her luck she ran into a strange boy, and a girl who was following behind him. At first Quinn was relieved, but then the boy lunged after her with his axe, and absolutely terrified by this ordeal Quinn did the only thing she could think of: she screamed like a banshee and fainted dead away. The boy Grave was intent on slaying her, but the girl Samara stayed his hand and convinced him that they should look after her, and that though she was dead she didn't seem at all evil. Grave grudgingly accepted this and they both helped carry her away into the night.
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29 May 2009 @ 08:34 am

On her way home:

Name: Samara
Type: Unoa Lusis 1.5
Age: 15
Hair: Dark Brown & Black
Eyes: Gray/Violet
Favourite things: reading (Bronte & E.A. Poe), the outdoors, walking in graveyards, tea and picnics, sweets, horses, the ocean, stargazing, writing in her diary, taking adventures through the secret passage ways, and around the grounds of her Great Aunt’s Manor House, ghost hunting, and tarot reading.
Skills: Psychic/Medium
Status: Orphan with clairvoyant abilities.
Favourite colours: Grey, Black, Violet, Red
Style: Victorian/Goth/Lolita/& anything with stripes!
Favorite Outfit: White Victorian underthings, Grey/Black Victorian dress w/ black & white striped stockings
Personality: Curious but shy and quiet, sweet, and thoughtful, but very stubborn, mysterious, and a little on the melancholy side
History: Samara’s Mother died when she was born and her father went off to sea-never to return. Samara was passed on from relative to relative, many who were often cruel to her, and even afraid of her, and always gossiping that she was “cursed” because of her parent’s fate. Finally she was thrust upon her Great Aunt Eliza’s good graces, but was initially turned away. Eliza despised children, especially curious little girls, who could potentially break her fragile heirlooms. Finally she took Samara in to maintain a good reputation among her family and friends, but she mostly ignored her young niece, locking her away in her attic bedroom. Despite this Samara was content for a while, trapped in a world of her own making, though she was hiding a dark secret: she sometimes had strange visions, and could see the dead. This frightened her and gave her nightmares, but no matter what she did she saw them everywhere. One night as she was getting ready for bed she saw a figure climbing through her small window…was he a ghost? No he was real, or so he appeared. He was pale and thin (ghostly even), with strange eyes and hair, and his nails were filthy as though he just clawed his way out of a grave. Intrigued Samara asked him many questions, getting nothing but sarcastic riddles for answers; though he told her his name was Grave. With this mystery unlocked they began a fragile friendship, and Samara often saw him wandering her family’s graveyard at night, following the dim light of his lantern as he went. One night she decided to follow him and see for herself what he did all night. Little did she know this was the beginning of a great and terrible adventure for both of them.

My Yet-to-be-born "Project"

Type: Limhwa Limho Mono 44cm
Age: 17
Hair: Dark Royal Gray
Eyes: One Wolf Grey/One Wolf Grey Albino
Mods: Protective Sigil carved into his chest, sanded cheekbones, Three raw slashes across his shoulder and back, one mottled scar across his right eye.
Favourite things: Slaying the Undead, Helping cross over lost souls, Corpse hunting, Grave Robbing, sweet buns and meat pies, Drinking Jack Daniels, generally making mischief, gambling, Sleeping outdoors, Toppling over headstones, Reading poetry.
Skills: Slaying the dead with his trusty axe, lifting heavy objects, can sense danger from miles away, good with a pistol and anything sharp, cunning, and fast
Status: Slayer of the undead, and shepherd of lost souls. He is also half dead, half living.
Favourite colours: Black
Style: Victorian/Grunge/Steampunk/Dickensian
Favorite Outfit: Long dark brown threadbare pea-coat, grubby trousers, suspenders but no shirt, large reaper boots, and a scruffy top hat.
Personality: Stubborn, sly, sarcastic, aloof, dangerous, earthy and sensual, hot-tempered, charismatic, tender and honest at times, but mostly a dishonest fiend.
History: Not much is known about this strange character who insists his name is only "Grave." He lives in cemeteries of all kinds, in empty crypts, and mausoleums, open graves, or sometimes under bridges. He cares very little about his appearance, and spends most of time grave robbing and hawking whatever he finds, though he only ever sleeps during the day. He's strong and resourceful, and always seems to get his way in any situation. He cheats and drinks too much, and can have a very bad temper when he loses at cards. His greatest weaknesses are an honest streak that gets him into trouble more often than not, and a young rich girl he meets one night while stumbling into her room. He owed a gambling debt and was looking for some quick cash when he meets Samara who seems so sweet, sad, and innocent he can't help but play with her a bit. He convinces her he's actually an Incubus, and even steals a kiss from her, though she seems hardly impressed. She only asks him his name and then promptly falls asleep as though she had only been dreaming. Slightly taken aback by her strong will and intelligence, he leaves with an air of disappointment-for you see he knows he could never really be friends with her as he's keeping a deep dark secret: he's actually a warrior who slays the dead and daemons in the night. Grave knows that would only frighten the girl away, so he decides never to see her again. Little does he know that on one dark and misty night, that he's being followed.

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